Bailrigg Garden Village

The latest Draft Masterplan for Bailrigg Garden Village was presented to the community on Tuesday 23 March 2021. Click below to view the presentation slides. The presentation video with commentary is also available in the downloads/media section.

The next stage ofthe masterplanning process will be launched in late May or early June 2021. More details will be posted on this website in mid May.
In July 2020 Lancaster City Council adopted a new Local Plan for the district, which includes the designation of for a new settlement known as Bailrigg Garden Village, south of Lancaster.  The City Council has appointed architects JTP to engage with the local community and prepare a detailed masterplan for Bailrigg Garden Village and a design code for future development.
This website will form the hub for the community engagement over the coming months.  We will also communicate with regular newsletters hand delivered to the neighbouring community to seek views and ideas and communicate the emerging proposals for the Garden Village.

The Vision for Bailrigg Garden Village

Bailrgg Garden Village will be a distinct community just south of Lancaster, with several thousand homes to meet all needs and incomes, and opportunities for business creation and growth.
It will fit well into the countryside and heritage assets, including the canal, and make these areas better for wildlife and for people to enjoy through innovative environmental improvement and sustainable water management.
People will be able to connect readily with the city and surrounding settlements, including Galgate and the University, with walking, cycling and bus use made as attractive as possible to minimise travel by private vehicles.

The living and working environment will be planned and designed with the highest standards of placemaking with low and, if possible, zero carbon buildings; and making sure that people can live and work as sustainably as possible.


What is a Garden Village?

The Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) defines Garden Villages as distinct communities of between 1,500 to 10,000 homes with the following characteristics:

Clear Identity


a distinctive local identity as a new garden community, including at its heart an attractive and functioning centre and public realm

Sustainable Scale


built at a scale which supports the necessary infrastructure to allow the community to function self-sufficiently on a day-to-day basis, with the capacity for future growth to meet the evolving housing and economic needs of the local area.

Well-designed Places


with vibrant mixed-use communities that support a range of local employment types and premises, retail opportunities, recreational and community facilities.

Great Homes


offer a wide range of high quality, distinctive homes. This includes affordable housing and a mix of tenures for all stages of life.

Strong, Local Vision and Engagement


designed and executed with the engagement and involvement of the existing local community, and future residents and businesses. This should include consideration of how the natural and historic environment of the local area is reflected and respected.

Integrated, Forward Looking and Accessible Transport


that support economic prosperity and wellbeing for residents. This should include promotion of public transport, walking, and cycling so that settlements are easy to navigate, and facilitate simple and sustainable access to jobs, education, and services.

Healthy Places


designed to provide the choices and chances for all to live a healthy life, through taking a whole systems approach to key local health & wellbeing priorities and strategies.

Generous, Accessible, and Good Quality Green and Blue Infrastructure


that promotes health, wellbeing, and quality of life, and considers opportunities to deliver environmental gains such as biodiversity net gain and enhancements to natural capital.

Legacy and Stewardship Arrangements for Benefit of Whole Community


should be in place for the care of community assets, infrastructure and public realm, for the benefit of the whole community.

Future Proofed


designed to be resilient places that allow for changing demographics, future growth, and the impacts of climate change including flood risk and water availability, with durable landscape and building design planned for generations to come. This should include anticipation of the opportunities presented by technological change such as driverless cars and renewable energy measures.

Source: Garden Communities (MHCLG, Aug 2018)

Designing a new settlement

The Lancaster District Local Plan to 2031 sets ambitions to create a new settlement in South Lancaster - the Bailrigg Garden Village.
Strategic Polices and Land Allocation DPD (Adopted July 2020) SPLA Policies Map  (Adopted July 2020)
Lancaster City Council has asked specialist design consultancy JTP to prepare a garden village masterplan and the work, started in January 2021, involves several stages of community engagement before concluding in the spring.
Once prepared, the Garden Village masterplan will inform the formal stages of work to prepare an Area Action Plan for South Lancaster. This Lancaster South Area Action Plan (AAP) - also to become part of the Local Plan - will allocate land both for the Garden Village development and for development that will not be part of the Garden Village and, importantly, it will identify what land is to be protected from development.

The City Council aims to adopt the AAP as part of its Local Plan by the end of 2022. In parallel with all of this, Lancashire County Council - in conjunction with the City Council - will work to deliver the very major transport changes needed to help make all this possible.

Choice of location for the Garden Village

Over the last three years or so, Lancaster City Council has engaged successively with local communities, people and organisations in informal work to understand aspirations and help shape ideas for the Garden Village.

Alongside this, the City Council has worked closely with the County Council to plan and secure funding for the major infrastructure changes and improvements needed to make growth possible in south Lancaster: at junction 33 of the M6, around Galgate, along the length of the A6 transport corridor and within the city centre itself.

From this work, the City Council identified an Area of Search where it anticipates the Garden Village will be located. The area of search focuses on land within the Broad Location for Growth in south Lancaster as set by the Local Plan.

A long term endeavour

The Bailrigg Garden Village master-planning will also explore the extent to which a successful garden village might grow in the future (from 2031) beyond the confines of the existing Broad Location for Growth.

Making a Garden Village where people will want to live and work over successive generations will in itself be the work of more than one generation.
This long-term focus  means that scoping of the Garden Village should look beyond existing plan boundaries and timeframes to properly shape the place and explore the potential for future phases and growth options. This exploration will focus on additional land identified to the south west of the Garden Village.

Have your say!

Lancaster City Council is committed to engaging with local stakeholders and the wider community to develop the proposals. The JTP led master-planning team will bring all past work and thinking together and take the ideas forward to create the new masterplan.
JTP will be engaging extensively with local organisations and local communities in a collaborative process to shape and design the Garden Village. A staged process of community engagement will provide a variety of ways for the community to feed into the preparation of the masterplan (see the engagement timeline below).


The latest draft masterplan was presented to the community on Tuesday 23 March 2021. This can be viewed as a video with commentary here and as pdf slides here.

The next stage of the masterplanning process will be launched in late May or early June 2021. More details will be posted on this website in mid May and emailed to all on our contact database.

stage 3 consultation – 3-19 MARCH 2021  - ENDED

Stage 3 of the consultation was an opportunity to comment on the emerging proposals. The Emerging Masterplan Zoom presentation video and presentation slides (PDF) have been uploaded to this website and the summary Vision newsletter distributed to over 6000 letterboxes in the community.

The community was invited to comment on the emerging masterplan by completing the postcard enclosed with the newsletter and via the form on this website. All comments received were fed back to the design team as they continued to develop the proposals for the draft masterplan presentation.

For more information please email the JTP communityplanning team at

stage 2 consultation – 10-23 FEBRUARY 2021 - ENDED

Following the report back of the Vision for the Bailrigg Garden Village on 9th February the presentation video and presentation slides (PDF) were uploaded to this website and the summary Vision newsletter was distributed to the community. During the Stage 2 consultation the community was invited to comment on the Vision and these comments were fed back to the design team as they developed the proposals. The community presentation of the emerging masterplan took place on Tuesday 2 March 2021, 6pm via Zoom.

stage 1 consultation – ENDED

As a first step we asked for views about the South Lancaster area, the places and aspects you like and dislike and your dreams for the future of the Garden Village.  The first phase of the consultation is now closed but you can see the comments submitted using the Create Communities platform by clicking the box below. Just click on the red or green buttons when you arrive at the platform.
Click here to access the Create Communities platform
Comments received were passed to the JTP design team as they prepared the Vision for Bailrigg Garden Village for presentation back to the community via Zoom on Tuesday 9 February 2021.



Final Draft Masterplan Presentation – March 2021

Emerging Masterplan Presentation – MARCH 2021

VISION Presentation – February 2021

Launch Event – January 2021


The City Council is currently working towards the preparation of an Area Action Development Plan Document. As part of this process, the City Council has appointed architects and masterplanners JTP to engage with the local community to prepare a Masterplan Framework for Bailrigg Garden Village.
JTP is a practice of architects and urban designers with extensive experience of delivering successful places for both the public and private sectors throughout the UK and internationally.

JTP seeks to shape places where life in all senses can flourish; places that are economically thriving, creatively stimulating, environmentally footprint-free, with a powerful sense of identity. In short, places where people can lead happy and healthy lives and feel they belong.
Farrer Huxley is a practice of landscape architects and community engagement experts.

Our work is founded upon a belief that landscape makes a fundamental difference to people’s lives. Through over20 years as a practice we have come to understand the power of putting people’s needs at the centre of distinctive, timeless, robust and environmentally sensitive places.

As an award-winning practice we have a number of nationally recognised, exemplar schemes which have been acknowledged for their community driven regeneration, masterplanning and quality public realm design.
Expedition is a multi-award winning engineering consultancy, based in Central London with an international portfolio of projects.

In addition to core engineering services, Expedition provides strategy and infrastructure planning as part of a masterplanning service. We are known for our ability to develop practical approaches to sustainable development including low carbon energy solutions, green infrastructure design and circular economy strategies. We are motivated by the role that development and infrastructure can play in delivering quality of life benefits and driving social value.


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